Authorizing Marshals

Most Regional Marshals are authorizing marshals as are other approved marshals. Participants needing authorization can contact their Regional Marshal to find an Authorizing Marshals near them if they can not identify one.

Please click on the links below to find Ansteorra's current authorizing marshals.

[Armored Combat]   [Rapier Combat]   [Rapier Spear]   [Cut and Thrust]  

[Combat Archery]   [Siege Combat]   [Target Archery]   [Thrown Weapons]

[Youth Boffer]   [Youth Chivalric]   [Youth Rapier]  

[All Authorizing Marshals]

So you want to be an authorizing marshal? It will take the approval of the Earl Marshal or the appropriate Deputy Earl Marshal. Contact the EM or DEM for the requirements.

Forms for Authorizing Marshals

Authorization Form
To be filled out by the Authorizing Marshal and submitted by the Authorizing Marshal to the Marshal Secretary within 14 days.

Temporary Authorization Card
To be filled out by the Authorizing Marshal at the same time as the Authorization form and given to the participant. Valid only for 30 days.