Reference Materials

You will find many reference materials here for the various martial activities witin the SCA. These aren't official forms or manuals, but suplimentary to help you better your experience with the activities.

Missile Combat References

Target Archery, Thrown Weapons, Combat Archery and Siege.

Ansteorran Archery Awards
The awards specific to target archery, thrown weapons, combat archery and siege within Ansteorra.
Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition
Target archery competitions with target (IKAC) and combat equipment (IKCAC)
Ansteorran Royal Rounds, IKAC and IKCAC home
Thrown Weapons Inter-Kingdom Challenge
Thrown Weapons competitions
10 Basic Steps to Archery
A very brief beginners guide to shooting a bow. From the Sagittarius Twente University Archery Club of Twente University in the Netherlands. In Adobe Acrobat format.
Archers Reference Guide
From the Balbardie Archers and Murray Elliot in the UK. Deals with modern recurve equipment but there is a lot of good information here that is applicable to the SCA archer. Sections on Equipment, Tuning, Technique, Training, Problem Solving, etc. In Adobe Acrobat format. New updated Fourth Edition dated Mar. 21 2002
Upgrading Combat Archery Blunts to 1.5 in.
August 2008, HL Deicyn Moel's method of constructing UHMW cored blunts so that they meet the new SCA standards with the side-wrap of foam and a minimum 1.5" diameter. In Adobe Acrobat format.
THE ESSENTIALS OF ARCHERY, How to Use and Make Bows and Arrows
Online version of book originally published in 1942 by L.E. Stemmler. Good basic overview of basic types of archery and traditional archery tackle. Almost everything in this book from technique to equipment is directly applicable to SCA Period archery.
The Art of Archery
Online version of book originally published circa 1515 by an unknown author. Edited by Henri Gallice and translated by H. Walrond in 1901.
Toxophilus - The school of shooting contained in two books
Online version of book originally published by Roger Ascham in 1545.
The Art of Archerie
Online version of book originally published By Gervase Markham in 1634.
AoB Proceedings
Ansteorran Academy of the Bow Proceedings - June 2003 - A.S. XXXVIII
Ansteorran Academy of the Bow Proceedings - April 2002 - A.S. XXXVI
Ansteorran Academy of the Bow Proceedings - June 2001 - A.S. XXXVI


The below are a list of common providers of materials that SCA martial combatants may need. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list nor is it an endorsement of their products.

Darkwood Armory
Fencing, WMA and Jousting supplies and books.
Windrose Armoury
Armored, Fencing, and WMA supplies and books.
Icefalcon Armory
Armored, Fencing, WMA and Jousting supplies.
Zen Warrior Armory
Armored and Fencing supplies and books.
Anshelm Arms
Armored supplies.
Thaden Armory
Armored and Fencing supplies.
New World Arbalest
Target and combat crossbows from Ansteorra's own Master Iolo FitzOwen including a downloadable version of his "Iolo's First Book of Crossbows".
North Star Archery
Target and combat archery supplies.
White Wolf Armory
Combat archery supplies.
Alchem Incorporated
Fencing equipment and Crossbow components
F / S Discount Archery
Full service archery supplier.
Three Rivers Archery Supply
Full service archery supplier.
Lancaster Archery Supply
Full service archery supplier.
Kustom King
Arrows and Traditional Supplies.
Finnwood Products
Targets, Targets, Targets.

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