Archery Honors of Various Kingdoms

Kingdom Non-Armigerous AoA level Grant Level
Ęthelmearc NONE Alce*** White Horn
Ansteorra King's Archer Sable Talon*** Arc d'Or****
An Tir       Grey Goose Shaft
Artemisia    Golden Gryphon's Pheon   
Atenveldt NONE* Companion of the Azure Archer Commander of the Azure Archer
Atlantia * King's Missiliers Yew Bow
Caid NONE Argent Arrow Chiron
Calontir NONE Boga Fyrd Boga Hirth
Drachenwald NONE Silver Guard *** NONE
Ealdormere NONE Award of the Scarlet Banner *** Order of Thorbjorn's Hammer ***
East NONE* Order of the Saggitarius NONE**
Gleann Abhann         
Meridies Broken Bow      
Midrealm NONE* Dragon's Barb Companion of the Greenwood Company
(Called "Forester")
Outlands NONE* Golden Pheon Sharp Arrow
Trimaris       Arc d'Or****
West NONE NONE Royal Company of Archers for target archery
Royal Company of Yeomen for missile combat
*     Non-Armigerous Regional/Baronial Awards may exist. Positions such as Royal Champions/Royal Guards may also exist.
**    This Kingdom has no Grant Level Awards.
***  Not archery specific. Gives the same award for all martial arts at this level
****  Trimaris and Ansteorra have established a single interkingdom order via treaty. See the awards page at for more information.

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