The Kingdom Of Ansteorra
Ansteorra Combatants and Marshals as of Oct 18, 2017
Armored Combat
Armored Combatants417Fiberglass Spear239
Armored Marshals256Armored Authorizing Marshals64
Rapier Combat
Heavy Rapier Combatants253Cut and Thrust Combatants 58
Rapier Marshals178Rapier Authorizing Marshals45
  Cut and Thrust Authorizing Marshals18
Minor Combatants
Armored Combat Minors9Rapier Combat Minors1
Missile Combatants
Armored Combat Archery Combatants127Rapier Combat Archery Combatants27
Combat Archery Marshals54Combat Archery Authorizing Marshals25
Siege Combatants84Siege Authorizing Marshals14
Siege Marshals20
Live Weapons Marshals
Target Archery Marshals71Target Archery Authorizing Marshals25
Thrown Weapons Marshals33Thrown Weapons Authorizing Marshals14


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