The Kingdom Of Ansteorra
Ansteorra Youth Combatants and Marshals as of Apr 30, 2017
Youth Boffer Combat
Youth Boffer Combatants - Group 116Youth Boffer Combatants - Group 217
Youth Boffer Combatants - Group 314Youth Boffer Junior Marshals3
Youth Boffer Marshals22Youth Boffer Authorizing Marshals7
Youth Armored Combat
Youth Armored Combatants6Youth Weapon & Sheild1
Youth Two Weapons1Youth Great Weapons1
Youth Armored Marshals13Youth Armored Authorizing Marshals5
Youth Armored Junior Marshals0
Youth Rapier Combat
Plastic Sword Combatants5Foil Combatants4
Epee Combatants10Heavy Rapier Combatants10
Defensive Secondary Combatants7Offensive Secondary Combatants7
Rapier Melee Combatants2  
Youth Rapier Marshals20Youth Rapier Authorizing Marshals11
Youth Plastic Sword Marshals0