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Deputy Kingdom Missile Marshal
Siege Weapons

Lord Miguel de la Trebuchet
mka Mike Meyers

Quarterly Reports

All Siege Marshals must report quarterly to the Deputy KMM for Siege Weapons. Quarterly reports are due the first week of the last month in each calendar quarter. The report should cover all thrown weapons activities since the previous report.

Report       Due Date
First Quarter       February 28
Second Quarter       May 31
Third Quarter       August 31
Fourth Quarter       November 30

Online Quarterly Report Form
For quick and easy reporting just click the button below, fill out the form. Your report will be routed to the appropriate regional officers. If the button doesn't work for you try
this link.

Reference Material

Ansteorra's Complete Participants Handbook
Ansteorra's guide for all marshallate activities, including siege.

SCA Siege Engine Handbook
The Society-wide rules for Siege Warfare. Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

Siege Engine Handbook Update
The latest updates to Society-wide rules. Adobe Acrobat PDF file.


Society Siege Marshal

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